What Is Coir Matting?

Coir matting is an environmentally-friendly flooring and entrance mat. Coir is a sustainable, natural material that can be biodegradable. Coir is biodegradable, but its strength and durability make it a durable product that can be used for floors or entranceways.

What are coir mats and how do they work?

Although Coir mat may be a new term, you are likely to have seen them in homes and businesses when you cross the threshold. Coir mats are often used to cover porches and entranceways. Coir mats are made with tough bristles and have a short life span. They can be used to dry shoes or remove dirt from the premises.

What is the composition of coir matting?

Coir mats are 100% made from natural fibers. These environmentally-warm, natural fibers are derived from the husk of the coconut. ‚ÄčThe husk is the water-resistant coating between the outer shell of the coconut and its hard shell.

Coir’s fibers are well-known for their strength and resilience. They protect the coconut from many conditions and keep it fresh, even after being tossed for days.

Can Coir Matting also be used outside?

Only certain types can be used outdoors. PVC backing will stop rainwater from draining away and rotting the mat. Coir Mats that are going to be wet should not have a backing to prevent rainwater from draining away.

What other uses can coir be used for?

There are many types of coir, each with its own unique properties. Coir matting is most commonly made from red coir, which is brown-colored. It is a strong-duty fiber. Red coir is also used in entrance matting. It can also be found as floor tiles, mattress covers, and brushes.

Brown coir is softer than red coir. It is used for padding and upholstery. Unripe coconuts can also be used to make white coir. It is much more flexible than red coir and is used to make fishing nets and ropes.

Coir matting can be used as a mat for entranceways and also serves to protect the environment. Coir matting’s protective properties can protect against erosion and degradation.

What are the advantages of coir matting

Coir matting is a popular choice in entrances, porches, and doorways for many reasons.


Coir matting is a durable and resistant material that can be used in high-traffic areas. Coir matting is durable and can be cleaned easily for many years.


Coir is a natural product that is eco-friendly. Coir is also biodegradable. Coir is naturally long-lasting, so this will not happen. For those looking for a more authentic and traditional look, the natural appearance of coir is ideal.


Coir matting can be installed quickly and at a reasonable price. Coir matting can be cut to the exact size you require using a Stanley knife. This means you don’t need to rely on specialists, machinery, or providers to obtain the right-sized mats.


Coir matting comes in many colors and can also be finished with a natural finish. The mat may be damaged by direct sunlight if you select a natural finish. However, this can add to its timeless appeal.

Prevents slips

Coir matting can be used to remove water and dirt from shoes. This will prevent slip hazards and minimize the mess from wet or dirty shoes. Coir mats can be dried with a vacuum or by simply shaking off the dirt outside.

Coir matting or custom logo rugs are a cost-effective and effective way to keep your property clean and dry. It can be used for your porch, hallway, or entrance.

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