Installing Roller Shutters to Compact the Rise Crime Rate

It has been an extremely difficult year, as the global pandemic caused high levels of unemployment and economic uncertainty. The damage is done, and recovery seems slow and difficult. Unrest and uncertainty will only make crime worse. Many people are desperate for survival and are now prone to break-and-enter crimes. The weakest link in most houses and the main point of forced entry is burglaries in the window. Continue reading to learn why roller shutters are the best security feature for your home and family.

Who are the Thieves?

Most homes weren’t targeted randomly until recently. These homes were targeted by organized and experienced criminals who used sophisticated break-in techniques. Recent home burglaries have become opportunistic, with desperate individuals taking advantage of homes without security features.

What is stolen most?

Thieves are attracted to expensive, portable goods they can quickly get away with, such as tablets, smart phones, and laptops. The theft of jewelry is still very common. Recent insurance claims also show that bikes and power tools are very popular. Alarmingly, thieves target car keys in an attempt to steal your car or return it at a later time to take it away.

Make Your Home Safe

Protecting your home from potential thieves is one of the best ways you can do it. Roller shutters can be installed over your doors and windows. This is a cost-effective and simple way to protect your home. Roller shutters not only act as a physical barrier that makes it difficult for thieves to get through but also act as a visual deterrent. Thieves will monitor specific streets while planning an attack and will target homes that have fewer security features than those with roller shutters. High-quality custom shutters combined with safety alarms and other safety measures will make it easy for thieves to bypass your property and take out another target.

Roller Shutters are Not Only Ideal for Security

Roller shutters offer security that is perfect for every home including many other benefits. Roller shutters are a great design feature for your home. They increase curb appeal, improve energy efficiency, and can even add substantial resale value!

High-quality Roller Shutters by smarter outdoors will make your home more secure and safe. Contact us today to receive a free quote online or for more information about roller shutters that will protect your home.

Shutters save the Environment and Energy

Its summer and it’s tempting just to crank up the air conditioner to cool your home on hot days. But window shutters are a much better option that can be affordable and more eco-friendly. Smarter outdoors Shutters are high-quality shutters that block out summer heat and light. This will reduce cooling costs and save money. Do you want to learn more?

Windows Can Increase Heat Gain by up to 87%

Windows allow light, warmth, and fresh air to flow freely. Windows can also link the interior of a house visually to the outside world, and often provide stunning views. Windows are often the weakest link in terms of energy efficiency. Your windows’ thermal performance can be improved to reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Double glazing, careful consideration of window location, size, and orientation, can all help. However, to get the best thermal performance, external window furnishings like roller shutters will be necessary.

Shading Windows in summer

There are several ways to shade your windows depending on the direction they face. This is because the angle and height of the sun as it moves through seasons and the sky changes, so the shade you choose will depend on which side your windows face.

North-facing windows – Well-designed structures can block the sun’s heat from reaching the glass while still allowing the low-level sunlight to heat the home in winter. Outdoor blinds and roller shutters, which can be adjusted to provide external shading, are great options. They are easy to use, cost-effective, and let the sun in during winter, while keeping it out during summer.

Shutters can be installed on west-facing windows to reduce heat transfer up to 80%. In summer, west-facing windows can increase heat transfer by up to 80%. While east-facing windows are a source of heat gain during the morning, they can also be an important source of heat loss in the afternoon. External shading can be adjusted such as outdoor blinds and louvers or shutters. This allows you to block low-angle morning and afternoon sun at different times of the day. Although they can provide some benefits, verandahs and pergolas are less effective in blocking the afternoon sun.

South-facing Windows – These windows get almost no direct sun, so shading is not necessary for summer. Cool breezes often blow from the south in summer, so south-facing windows can be very useful for cross ventilation. These windows can lose heat in winter, so it is important to protect them with double glazing or window furnishings like heavy blinds shutters.

Smarter outdoors shutters can be used to shade your windows. This will reduce your need for air conditioning by keeping up to 87% heat out of your home. Shutters can also keep your home warm in winter by reducing the need for gas or electric heating. Shutters of high quality are a great way to cut your energy consumption and do your part in reducing climate change. They will also help you save hundreds on your energy bills.



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