Bet With Mates – How to Bet With Your Mates


The Bet With Mates app makes the process of betting with your mates very easy. It offers a range of options for group bets and takes care of the calculations for you. You can create a group of two or more people and invite them to join, as well as set up the Rules of the game and the Social contract.

How to start a group

To start a Group Bet, a Sportsbet customer must first set a Buy-In and transfer funds into the group. This customer will then be the Admin of the Group. The Admin of the group will set the Buy-In amount and how frequently to request an account Top Up.

Admins can also choose to invite new members to a Group. Once the group is up and running, members will be able to start placing bets. The admin of the Group can invite up to 100 members. Groups can last up to two weeks.

How to invite mates to join a group

The first step when starting a group on Bet With Mates is to decide how much each member can buy in. Once this has been agreed upon, the members can start placing bets. The Bet With Mates platform takes care of the rest. You can pool funds for a group of two or more people, and anyone in your group can bet using the pooled funds. The group admin determines the maximum Buy-In amount and how often to top up the group account.

After establishing the group, you can invite mates to join it. You can send members a Join Code, which is a six-digit code unique to your group. This code will remain valid until you start betting in the group, or close it. Members who receive the Join Code can invite others to join the group, and they must enter it when they sign in.

Rules of the game

When you create a Bet With Mates account, you must adhere to the Sportsbet Rules. The Bet With Mates service allows customers to create a Group and pool funds for betting. The group can bet on behalf of the Group as long as all members have valid Sportsbet accounts. You may also use the Bet With Mates feature to place bets on behalf of other customers in your Group.

Social contract

The concept of a Social Contract arises in the realm of games. It is a normative decision-making procedure that involves agreeing to do something or not to do something. It is most often invoked through the consent of a surrogate. The hypothetical contract, which can have various forms, is referred to as the “Nash” solution.

Social contract theories rely on the assumption that parties act as representative choosers. In order to be enforceable, the choice situation must be determinate. To do so, the interests of the parties must be normalized.