Google Tests a New Google Ads Interface Design to Improve Workflow


Google recently announced they are testing a new streamlined Google Ads interface designed to make it easier for advertisers to navigate their campaigns and create more effective ads. This new streamlined version of the Google Ads interface can help make running campaigns easier and more efficient for advertisers. For those who use the services of a Google Ads agency in Sydney, this update could be a welcome addition to their PPC management practices.

The Current State of Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the most popular forms of paid search advertising available, and it has become increasingly complex over the years. As a PPC agency in Sydney, we know how difficult it can be to navigate the platform and understand all the features and options available to advertisers. However, Google has recently announced a new streamlined version of Google Ads that promise to make navigating the platform easier and more efficient.

The New Streamlined Interface

Google Ads’ new streamlined interface offers several exciting changes, including improved navigation and an updated design. This makes it easier for advertisers to navigate and provide more time to focus on strategic ad campaigns and more freedom to test and experiment with different types of campaigns.

The new Google Ads interface looks completely different from the previous version. The top bar features a new navigation menu that is much easier to use. The navigation bar is broken down into different tabs such as overview, campaigns, ad groups, keywords, ads, insights and reports, and more. These tabs provide quick access to the information needed to manage campaigns.

The recognisable interface also makes it easier for advertisers to quickly identify what they’re looking at and find the data they need. It also helps advertisers to move quickly through the interface and efficiently monitor their campaigns.

  • New Navigation Menu

Google has made several changes to their Ads interface and has been testing both the single-level menu and two-level menu in the ads interface. This new menu allows quick access to all the major features of Google Ads. The new menu also provides more detailed information on campaigns and ads, including performance metrics.

It’s more organised than the three menu options you were previously used to, making it much easier to find the information you need and quickly take action on any changes you might need to make. Moreover, the navigation menu is consistent, and the items don’t disappear as you click into other options. Also, advertisers are provided with a new ‘create’ option that helps them create ad campaigns and groups from one place.

  • Recognised Interface

Google Ads has been around since 2000 and is constantly evolving to keep up with changes in the digital advertising landscape. As part of its most recent update, the platform has introduced a streamlined interface that is much easier to navigate. The new interface was designed to be intuitive and familiar to users of the previous version. The tabs in the navigation menu are designed to be recognisable and easy to access, while all the existing features remain in their place.

The reorganised interface provides you with two new categories, ‘Goals’ and ‘Audiences,’ to make it easier for marketers to find the information they need quickly. These two new categories include both keywords and content. The new streamlined interface is an exciting update for marketers as it will enable them to quickly access the information they need, leading to better campaign results.

  • A Renewed Look

Google Ads has unveiled a new streamlined user interface designed to make it easier for advertisers to manage campaigns and access key insights. The new look has been completely redesigned to improve usability and reduce clutter, allowing for a more intuitive experience.

The design of the interface has also been updated for a more modern aesthetic. The font has been changed from ‘Roboto’ to the Google-branded ‘Google Sans’ font. The font change provides a friendlier look and improves readability. Moreover, Google has also introduced sleek new icons to the navigation menu with a slight blue gaze to make it easier for advertisers to easily identify and work with the interface. All of these changes come together to give the interface a renewed look that is both functional and visually appealing.

What Does It Mean for Advertisers?

The new streamlined Google Ads interface provides advertisers with an enhanced user experience and more control over their PPC management in Sydney. It is designed to be easier to use, with a simpler navigation menu and a recognisable interface. This will enable advertisers to quickly find what they are looking for and easily make changes to their campaigns. With the new system, users can set bid adjustments, create customised reports, and access deeper performance insights faster.

The streamlined Google Ads interface allows advertisers to manage their campaigns more efficiently, saving time and increasing productivity. This is especially beneficial for larger campaigns where complex changes must be made regularly. Additionally, the new interface makes it easier for advertisers to identify underperforming ads and make improvements. This ensures that campaigns stay on track and campaign goals are met.