Know The Best And Low-Maintenance Melbourne Plant Hire For Your Office 


The office is the second home for most people around the world. So, adding some changes to the workspace can keep your staff energetic. So, they never feel exhausted and get a great working experience. Also, placing the lush greeneries on the table can kill their boredom. In addition, it boosts their brain, which results in increased productivity. So, choose the trustworthy Melbourne Plant Hire company and design your commercial building well. This helps to turn the space into a pleasing one that also attracts new clients at the first sight. As everyone will be busy at work, they don’t have the time to maintain plants. So, try the below low-maintenance plants to keep at the work table.

1.Bamboo Palm 

Bamboo palm is the right choice to add a lush green look to your office. It grows well in little sunlight and low shade locations. You just need to water the bamboo once a week, and this one can grow quickly. Keeping it in the workspace can bring wealth, good luck, and fortune. This will give an ambience and turn the space into a beautiful one. This foliage can even purify the air in a place without a window. 

2.Snake Plant 

The snake plant only needs low sunlight and can endure in high shaded areas. Furthermore, it can go well for multiple days without water. They love to grow at room temperature and are very hardy Hire Plants Melbourne. In addition, they can purify the air and offer you pure oxygen. This one can survive in almost every kind of environment. Moreover, it can boost mental health and remove toxic pollutants. 

3.Aloe Vera Melbourne Plant Hire

The aloe needs multiple hours of sunlight every day but only requires water for about three weeks once. They have a stunning green appearance that can purify the air. Keeping it in a wide container with a well-draining potting mix is helpful for its growth. With a little care, and water, it can thrive well in the office. 


Pothos only need very little sunlight and can survive in the heavily shaded areas. It requires water when the soil begins to completely dry out. Its lush green look will be pleasing to the eyes. Also, it can grow extremely fast and add a lively touch to the space. This is the perfect choice to place on the file cabinets and shelves. Though it seems like the foliage needs more maintenance, this is easy to trim and endure in any pots. 

5.Spider Plant 

Put your spider plant in a bright and sunny spot of the office for better growth. Also, it can handle low light and even continue to thrive in fluorescent-filled, and windowless spaces. It retains water well, thus it can tolerate a few days without water. Also, they are easy to propagate, purify the plant, increase humidity, and are best for indoor decoration. This foliage is also known as a great addition to the office atmosphere. 


Though the cactus needs more sunlight, this one can grow in very little water. So, it is perfect to place on the office window. As they have a small size, they fit almost everywhere. In addition, the cactus requires extremely little water and attention. Furthermore, it comes in diverse styles and varieties. This plant can reduce the carbon dioxide from the surroundings and boost productivity. 

7.ZZ Plant 

Zamioculcas zamiifolia is known as the ZZ plant, and it looks great on your office desk. This one can tolerate low light and grow well with little water. Ensure its roots won’t stay wet, and keep this in the contrasting planter. Its adorable spiky leaves also add a welcoming touch to the place. 


The waxy leaves and heart-shaped flowers make the lavish anthurium plants the right option for your working space. Moreover, this gives your office an extra splash of colors and suits well in all the corners. Water twice a week during the summer and once a week during the winter months. 

Bottom Lines 

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