Promote Your Business with Custom Water Bottles


Many Australian businesses are turning to custom water bottles for their marketing tool of choice. When it comes to general promotions, a company can easily have their logo emblazoned on the bottle and can even have a description added to the back if bottle space is required.

There are some businesses who have not yet leveraged this cheap, but creative advertising tool and are missing out on many of the benefits of promoting a brand on custom labelled water bottles.

Mobile Advertising

It can be expensive to buy internet ads, radio time and print space. These traditional marketing avenues take up a big chunk of advertising money, yet they are limited when it comes to mobility.

The water bottle is 100% mobile, people carry drinking water on drives, to the gym, to the office, all day long. Sometimes they even get passed around or shared. Without paying a cent for mobile marketing, the water bottle alone can show so many people your company logo and brand message, all for a minimal initial investment.

Low Cost for Wide Reach

For businesses who may not have huge marketing budgets, but do have promotions or giveaways, a water bottle is cheaper than most forms of advertising, so whether a business is large or small, it can quickly promote their brand on these bottles to as many people as possible.


Water is a basic necessity, so water bottles are some of the most used items on a daily basis. To get the most out of using water bottles to market your brand, the design matters. Bottles can come in many shapes and sizes and can be made of metal, glass, BPA free plastic, stainless steel or aluminium. Once you’ve chosen the material, the entire surface area of the bottle becomes advertising space, so choosing a great design is important.

Boost Company Image

Business owners know that image is everything, and the more visible your business is, the better. Water bottles carry two messages, the first is your brand image, and the second is that you care about your customers and their health.

Refillable water bottles also show your consumers that you care about the environment, and customers view eco-friendly businesses more favourably than those who are not. Overall, reusable water bottles help increase your brand’s image positively.

Long Term Use

Brand recall is something that marketers aim for when deciding on marketing campaigns, but no expensive campaign does this as well as customisable promotional drink bottles, Australia. As you host events and giveaway bottles, they will be taken home and shared around, soon become a part of a consumer’s daily life and are seen by their co-workers, children, friends and family, providing a long term, while reaching a marketing solution.

The Verdict

When it comes to water bottles for promotion, the potential for maximum brand exposure is huge, which is the key reason that so many businesses are going this route. The internet may have taken over traditional marketing, but physical marketing still has its place, it’s a tangible way to know your brand exists and it’s more than a page on the internet.

When you print your logo on a water bottle, you promote your company in a relaxed, cost-effective manner. The next time you host a promotional event, trade fair or business conference, look to a customised water bottle for some additional marketing avenues.