Short Cycling – The Hidden Culprit Behind an Inefficient Ducted AC


Do you find that your ducted air conditioning system is constantly turning on and off without cooling the air adequately? If so, you may be experiencing short cycling. Short cycling is a common problem in ducted air conditioning systems that can make your system inefficient and cause it to break down sooner than expected. A reputable ducted air conditioning service Sydney explains the causes of short cycling in ducted air conditioning systems and discusses solutions that can help you get the most out of your system.

What is Short Cycling and Why Does it Matter?

Short cycling is a term used to describe the process of an air conditioning unit turning on and off frequently within a short span of time, typically within five minutes or less. It can result in a host of problems that can affect the unit’s efficiency and longevity.

Short cycling matters, as it can cause your AC system to consume more energy than necessary, leading to higher utility bills and wasteful energy consumption. Short cycling can also increase wear and tear on the components of the AC system.

Causes & Solutions:

Refrigerant Issue:

If your ducted air conditioning system has a low refrigerant charge, the unit may shut off too quickly to properly cool the room. A refrigerant leak could also cause the unit to short cycle, as the system cannot function properly without the right amount of refrigerant.

A professional can diagnose the issue and determine if the refrigerant charge needs to be adjusted or if there is a leak that needs to be repaired.

Dirty Air Filter:

The air filter is responsible for filtering the air that is circulated throughout your home, ensuring that it is clean and healthy. When the air filter is dirty, the air conditioning system cannot effectively cool your home. The restricted airflow leads to a buildup of cold air inside the AC unit, causing it to shut off prematurely.

To prevent this, it is essential to change the filter regularly. Depending on the level of pollutants in your home, the air filter may need to be replaced every one to three months.

Ductwork Issues:

Another common cause of short cycling in ducted AC systems is faulty or poorly designed ductwork. Ducts that are too small, clogged, or leaky can result in poor airflow, reduced system efficiency, and increased energy bills.

Hire a professional aircon service Sydney to conduct a thorough inspection and perform any necessary repairs or replacements. They will inspect for leaks, seal any gaps, and recommend size adjustments if necessary.

Thermostat Problems:

A thermostat tells your AC unit when to turn on and off, depending on the temperature settings you choose. However, a malfunctioning thermostat can cause short cycling. Look for any visible signs of damage/malfunction on your thermostat and get it repaired or replaced by a pro.

Are you experiencing frequent short cycling? Get in touch with the professionals specialised in ducted air conditioning repairs in Sydney and they’ll sort it out for you in no time!