10 Easy Tips to Prevent Blocked Drain


Blocked drains aren’t the most pleasing sight at your home. It’s messy, inconvenient and emits a foul odour. It can also host disease-causing microbes and cause illness to you and your family. Though a blocked drain is a major inconvenience, there are ways to prevent it. If we know how to safeguard our drains, we don’t have to regularly call for emergency plumber in Footscray and meddle with our schedule. Hence, learning how to prevent a blocked drain is lifesaving.

In this article, we share insights on how we can prevent drains from clogging and save on costly repairs from the blocked drain specialist in Footscray. Read on to learn how-

Use a Drain Cover

The prime culprit of drain clogging is hair and food particles that may stick inside the drain, trap other elements and block the drain completely. If we block the entry of these elements, we can prevent drain blockages  to a large extent. Therefore, a drain cover is one of the simplest and most effective ways to clear your drains. All you need is a piece of good-quality mesh or cloth to cover the drain opening. It will catch any hair, food, or other debris before it has a chance to enter the drain and cause a blockage.

Do Not Pour Grease Down the Drain

Grease may seem like a harmless element as it goes down the drain, but it can solidify further down the line and be a major cause of a blockage. Instead of letting grease flow down the drain, dispose it in a container and throw it in the trash. If you suspect there is blockage caused by grease, you can always contact the nearest plumber belmont to unclog the drain.

Be Aware of What You Flush Down the Toilet

Things like wipes, sanitary pads, and condoms may seem flushable, but they can cause major problems. The sanitary pads and wipes are made of materials that expands as it absorbs water, so even if it seems to have flushed down, they can clog the drain. So only flush the toilet paper and nothing else. Also, do not hesitate to contact the nearest blocked drain specialist in Footscray, as only they can remove the stuck things from the drains and unclog them.

Be Mindful of What You Put Down on the Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal is not a black hole where you can throw anything and everything down and forget about it. Be careful of what you put down there so that you do not end up with a clogged sink or garbage disposal.

Clean Your Drains Regularly

Clean your drains at least once a month to prevent build-up and blockages. There are multiple ways to clean your drains, but pouring boiling water down them is easiest, followed by some dish soap. Let it sit for about 10 to 15 minutes before running hot water down the drain to flush everything out.

Use Enzymatic Cleaners on Occasion

Enzymatic cleaners are special cleaners that contain enzymes that eat away at the organic matter like hair and food build-up. They are safe for most drains and can be more effective compared to  common cleaning methods like boiling water and dish soap. If you feel that the problem persists, call the emergency plumber in Footscray.

Avoid Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

We see a lot of chemical drain cleaners selling online. However, avoiding these is best if you aren’t a blocked drain specialist in Footscray. They can cause severe damage to your drains over time if used too frequently. Also, if you use these often, you may end up causing more harm than good. However, if you need to use one, always follow the instructions on the bottle carefully, as they can be very dangerous. Rather than using chemical cleaners, you can call the plumbers in Footscray to clean the blocked drain.

Invest in High-Quality Plumbing Fixtures

Cheap plumbing fixtures are more likely to break or become damaged over time, leading to leaks or blockages. By investing in high-quality plumbing fixtures, you can avoid these issues and save money in the long run. We understand that choosing plumbing fixtures with so many brands promising premium quality might get confusing. However, you can ask for suggestions from the plumbers in Footscray about high-quality plumbing fixtures and make the right choice.

Educate Yourself on What Should and Should Not Go Down Your Drains

Many people do not know that certain things should not go down their drains, such as grease, coffee grounds, eggshells, etc. Educate yourself and others around you on what can and cannot go down your drains. It will help you to prevent future blockages.

Call the Professionals for Regular Drain Cleaning

Even if you are religious about cleaning your drains yourself, it is still a good idea to let a well-experienced professional check and clean them periodically. It will help ensure that any build-up or debris is removed so that your drains stay clear.

In A Nutshell

Following these tips can help prevent drain blockages. However, if you have a blocked drain, do not try one of these tips as a home remedy because it can worsen the problem. In such a situation, always rely on a 24/7 plumber in Footscray to unclog the drain for you.

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