Do’s And Don’ts When Moving Furniture


Preparing a Moving Checklist is a chaotic experience. Only by organizing to a manageable level can stress be reduced. Before you begin, make a master list of moving dos and don’ts. This list was compiled specifically for you. The following are our top ten moving tips.

Do’s to Move a Furniture:

1) Fill each room for the entire day 

Begin packing as soon as you know when you’ll be moving. Filling each room should take one day, and it gives you time to pack and bring to your new home carefully. Allow more time if you’re packing a library.

2) Throw away items as you go 

Throw out the second pile after sorting. Save time sorting, packing, unpacking, or discarding what you’ve already sorted. Do it right away to save time.

3) Preparedness

Heavy items, such as a sleeper sofa or armor, should be measured. Measure the doorways in your new home and the piece’s location. It’s gone if it doesn’t fit through the door.

4) Make a note of fragile boxes

Dishes, glassware, candles, and other breakables can be labeled as fragile boxes. When the movers arrive, instruct them to separate those boxes. This enables them to pack everything safely and keeps your wedding china from being stacked on top of a package of canned goods in the moving truck.

5) Sort the boxes 

Keep your boxes in one room if possible. Keep the boxes in the room and close the door if you avoid using an office or another room. Instead of staring at half-packed boxes and feeling like you’ve accomplished nothing, seeing your progress can help you maintain momentum.

6) Take out the lamp bulbs.

It’s easy to overlook. If the bulbs break during the move, removing the remaining piece from the lamp may be difficult and may damage the lampshade.

7) Plants that can transport themselves

Long distance movers Perth cannot move plants. Move them by yourself. Plan their watering around the move if possible. After allowing the soil to dry, water it. This reduces water weight and back pain, especially if transporting more giant planters.

8) Label the boxes.

This is especially important if your home has multiple levels. Label boxes with names like “Main Bedroom,” “Bedroom 2,” “Nursery,” and so on so movers can find them. Do not rearrange the furniture after the movers have left.

9) Transfer Valuables

It would be best if you moved something valuable yourself. You should proceed with your valuables, even if you hire the best moving company. You’ll feel better knowing that your jewelry, autographed books, and family heirlooms arrived safely at your new home because you moved them. 

10) Create a Kit.

Moving is made more accessible with a moving essentials box or bag. You’ll have everything you need to get a good night’s sleep and enjoy unpacking in your new home. These should get included in your moving essentials box.

Don’ts While moving a Furniture:

1) Put off doing something

The main takeaway from this list is to pack early. Avoid rushed packing and overbooked cheap home movers. You’ll be exhausted, irritable, and most likely bankrupt. 

2) Employ an unscreened mover

Conduct research before requesting moving company quotes. Examine the reviews to see if there are a sufficient number of positive ones and how the company handles criticism. To be the best, you don’t need a 5-star company. Mistakes occur. A five-star company will admit and correct errors.

3) Choose a Moving Cost  

Only cheap does not imply high quality. Does insurance cover movers? Negative customer feedback? When was the company founded? You may believe you’re getting a good deal, only to end up paying more or having everything break down during the move.

4) Assist Movers

You enlisted the assistance of long distance removals. They’re knowledgeable and experienced. Moving heavy furniture necessitates concentration. Instead of assisting them, pack your toiletries and bedding from the previous morning or night.

5) Fill boxes to the brim

Pack delicate items like bedding, pillows, and sheets in a large container if you must pack heavy items. The ability of the movers to safely move the box down the stairs is more important than their ability to lift it.

6) Completed Drawers

Regardless of the time-saving appeal, keep items in desks, dressers, or other furniture with drawers. It was unintentional to move furniture with its contents. Heavy drawers make moving the piece downstairs and around corners more difficult.

The extra weight of the drawers could push them up against the furniture’s frame, weakening or breaking it. Small items that rattle can cause damage to the drawer.

7) Place flammable materials on the moving truck

Long distance movers near me cannot transport flammable items. Paint, gasoline, and pressurized cans can all get used. Before moving a lawn mower or other heavy object, the movers must drain it.

8) Arrive late before leaving

Procrastination should be avoided. Finish your preparations before going to bed. Even if you can sleep in, go to bed early. Sleep as much as you need to to be rested on a moving day.

9) Depart without checking the rooms

After loading everything onto the truck, go to your old house one last time. Make sure that everything has been removed. If you still need to, you may have to reschedule your movers to pick up the items they left behind.

10) Neglect Moving Truck Inspection Before Departure

Before the movers leave, double-check the moving truck. Don’t waste time looking for a cable or curtain rod because a smaller piece may have been left on the car.


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